Perhaps my favorite thing to do with Photoshop is to create composites, i.e. combining multiple images into one. Here are some examples. Click each one to enlarge.

#1 – My family link

This was my first ever composite, created in 1998 when I was just learning Photoshop. I wanted to give my mother a special gift for her birthday. This is her mother, grandfather and great-grandfather.

#2 My Book Cover

This final image was the result of combining 20 images for the cover of my book: Waiting to be Found: The Lost Treasure of Fannie Keene. See more about the book on my other website:

#3 – Moe’s Restaurant

This is one of my most recent composites. I love trains and old abandoned towns. I know, it’s a little weird :0)

Winter view in a Carpathian mountain forest covered with fresh snow. Ukraine, Europe

#4 – The Orioles 2012 Season

Adam Jones and Nicky Markakis had the big bats. Frank Robinson, Brooks Robinson, Jim Palmer, Eddie Murray, Earl Weaver and Cal Ripken all had their numbers retired and the Orioles were poised to go all the way. Amagical year with an almost happy ending.

#5 – Peace on the Continent

One of my favorites, completely relatively recently, because of my love of animals and far off places.

#6 – T-Rex on Film

I turned this prehistoric image into a movie set filmed in San Francisco. I love dinosaurs as well, particularly T-Rex, triceratops and pteradactyls.