Welcome to my site! Here you will find samples of all of the work I love to do. I have a great passion for photography, in particular, sports photography, photo restorations and composites, i.e. combining multiple images into one. The image above is a composite entitled: Peace on the Continent

Photo Restorations

As someone who loves old photographs it is no wonder that I totally enjoy restoring them. The more challenging the better.

In the image on the left above you see the photograph was torn in various places. Her left eye proved to be the most difficult. A complete reconstruction of the eye seemed necessary, initially. Then I got a great idea. How do you suppose I was able to quickly fix the eye without building it from scratch?

Here are some more examples:

Have something you want restored? Contact me at jupiter1125@yahoo.com


These are my favorites as well. Yep, that’s right I can’t choose. With composites you can make the ‘unreal’ look real.

Here is my most recent composite done using images from Adobe Stock. Still needs a little touching up.

Can you tell how many different images I used?

Here are other examples:

Digital Paintings

I love to take photographs and turn them into something a little different. About 5 years ago I learned how to use Photoshop to turn an ordinary photograph into a digital painting. While Photoshop has filter,s to do it quick and easy, I may use them only for simple effects. Every digital painting I do involves using a Wacom graphic tablet and pen for about 95% of the project.

Here are some more examples:

Sports Photography

I love to photograph sports. I love the non-stop action (yes, even in baseball), the colors, the expressions, etc. etc.

This photo was taken at a Raven’s practice before the start of the 2013 season. I cropped it and added the name later

Here are more examples: